• Sylvain Raymond

Ready to produce new S14.75 conversion quarter panels, Origin Lab S15 Style. Anyone Interested?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

We could have waited just 24 hours for the molds to cure, but we decided to wait 48 hours, making sure we avoid any kind of warping, quality is king. Here is what they look like.

So we just need to trim the flanges now, and we can then start replicating these quarter panels.

Check out this short video showing the plugs are released from the molds. They look really good and are completely flawless. Soon to be ready to mass produce these quarters. I apologize for the camera moving during the release, i really need a better video setup.

Bonus, the plugs remain in pristine shape, no damage. They could be used by someone that dont mind the bit of extra wait because of the bondo. They still look really good.

To view more photos and videos about this project visit the project page "Nissan 240SX Origin Lab S15 Body Kit Modification Project" on our website.

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