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  • Sylvain Raymond

New paint job for a 1980 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I love Monte Carlos, it has a sentimental value to me, i learned to drive a Monte Carlo, the one i learned on was 1977. So i am happy that i get an opportunity to work on one today.

So here is the project car.

Any proper paint job always starts by removing moldings, emblems, bumpers and anything really that would prevent you from doing a great job.

Back in the 80's the front end and back end (bumpers) were made of plastic or more specifically Urethane, today we know this was not such a good idea as they usually don't weather the test of time very well. And they are also very difficult to restore.

But fortunately in our case here they are still in fairly good shape.

In order to repair the cracks and tears that occured over time we will remove them.

Urethane front end of the car removed
Urethane front end of the car removed

Urethane back end of the car removed
Urethane back end of the car removed

Unfortunately there was a small accident with the car during a wind storm a tree fell on the car we will show you in a later post how this will be repaired.

After we finish removing all of the trims, molding and etc... the next step is to sand down the existing paint job, fix any damage, dents and remove rust.

Come back to check out the next steps

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