• Sylvain Raymond

New look for Brody's Formula Drift 240SX race car.

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Well a new season is going to start soon for Brody Goble, i was happy when he asked me again this year if I wanted to participate in the new look of his car for this season. I am always happy to be a part of the awesome car he has built and perfected along the years.

So we got to work here at Finicky Auto Restorations. First thing on the agenda we needed to start erasing/repairing war wounds from last season's sparring with the competition. The drivers door was banged up, as you can see here.

After removing the door handle mechanism, and the door seal we grinded down the paint and hammered out the dents.

Then after bringing it as straight as possible, some bondo was applied to finish the door smooth and perfectly straight.

Next we started working on the actual new look, using the same "Rocket Bunny" wide body quarter panels as last year, we started working on giving them a new look.

What is it going to look like? Stay tuned to see the progress...

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