• Sylvain Raymond

Modifying Rocket Bunny quarter panels to style match an Origin Lab S15 Body Kit

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

We are using quarter panels from Brody's previous year Formula Drift race car. These Rocket Bunny quarter panels are a different style from the new Origin Lab S15 Body Kit. View this blog for more details. So some modifications are necessary to have a consistent look. In our previous blog we started doing some modifications to match the fenders of the Origin Lab body kit. We further smoothed out the flare.

What is the black on the bondo? It is called a guide coat, it helps to see the high and low points when you are block sanding. To achieve the result below many hours of careful block sanding were required.

But more is required to match the style of the fenders. Notice how the lip of the flare is shaped, it is rounded out. On the Origin Lab fenders the lip is square. So in order to match the style a square lip also had to be created on the quarter panel.

Check it out!

Now the modification of the quarter panel is complete, we can say now that the we have a closer match of style. What do you think? Leave us a comment.

To view more photos and videos about this project visit the project page "Nissan 240SX Origin Lab S15 Body Kit Modification Project" on our website.

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