• Sylvain Raymond

Modification Complete! New quarter panels finally painted, next step creating the moulds!

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

After a lot of work, and being really Finicky over all the details, finally here is what the finished product looks like:

A lot of work went into this, we are really happy with the result, i think we attained a consistent look with the new Origin Lab S15 Racing Line body kit.

The fenders from the Origin Lab body kit also required some TLC before we could go to paint. Here is what we did:

First we had to delete some holes in the fenders, they we're there to accommodate side markers i believe.

Getting ready to delete the holes in the fenders with some Fiber

Then the fenders we're a little rough so we needed to smooth them out and finish filling the deleted holes.

Why do we see some white spots on the fenders? Those are high spots or bumps if you like, when sanding them to be as straight as possible, we can realize that the kit is not fully straight so more sanding is required to get them right, before paint.

So after lots more sanding we are finally ready for paint. Here is what it looks like.

Ok now let's paint!

The color has been applied, now let's clear coat.

To view more photos and videos about this project visit the project page "Nissan 240SX Origin Lab S15 Body Kit Modification Project" on our website.

Now we can begin producing the moulds for these quarter panels, please come back to see how this is done.

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