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Making molds for the modified quarter panels

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Making molds is essential if we want to be able to duplicate at will this body part. This is what we have done so far.

The newly created part becomes what we call a plug, to prepare the plug to create a mold from it, first it has to be waxed several times, with a carnauba wax, in our case we have waxed the plug 8 times, letting sufficient time between coats for the polymers to fully set-up. This is one of the steps necessary to prevent the mold from sticking to the plug.

Origin Lab S15 Racing Line body kit quarters
Waxing the quarter panels

Then we left it overnight, to make sure it had sufficient time to cure before the next step.

Fiberlay Release agent  P,V.A.
The release agent we applied

The next step is to apply a release agent to the plug, an added layer to ensure we will be able to release the mold from the plug once it is cured.

Before we sprayed the release agent we created a simple flange along the edge of the quarter with some release tape. This will help in the release of the mold later on and allow us to have a better finish at the edge of part.

Flange along the edge or quarter panel and sprayed with release agent
Flange along the edge and sprayed with release agent

Two generous coats of release agent we're applied, after waiting the appropriate amount of time we are ready to apply the gelcoat.

We brushed on on two coats of black tooling gelcoat and left it overnight to cure properly.

Two coats of tooling gelcoat applied to the quarter panels
Two coats of tooling gelcoat applied

The next step was a very sticky and messy job, full protection gear required, NIOSH approved mask, goggles and nitrile gloves. We applied woven fiberglass mat to all the edges and three layers of chopped strand mat. We used about half a pail of polyester resin.

Fiberglass applied to the quarter panel
Fiberglass applied

Now we have to wait at the very least 24 hours before we release the mold from the plug. Come back to see what it looks like.

To view more photos and videos about this project visit the project page "Nissan 240SX Origin Lab S15 Body Kit Modification Project" on our website.

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