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First ever produced S14.75 conversion quarter panels, Origin Lab S15 Style.

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Well here they are, the first ever produced S14.75 conversion quarter panels, Origin Lab S15 Style. They are sturdy and lightweight, here is how we produced them.

1 - We created a plug as perfect as possible so we can reproduce a flawless quarter panel each time, see this blog, Modifying Rocket Bunny quarter panels to style match an Origin Lab S15 Body Kit, and this blog, Modification Complete! New quarter panels finally painted, next step creating the moulds!

2 - Then we made the molds, see this blog, Making molds for the modified quarter panels, and this blog, Ready to produce new S14.75 conversion quarter panels, Origin Lab S15 Style, and visit the project page, Nissan 240SX Origin Lab S15 Body Kit Modification Project, on our website for more details.

3 - And then we produced the very first quarter panel from the molds, here is how we did this:

Brand new molds need extra preparation to avoid having the parts stay stuck to the mold, if that would happen both the mold and the part we are attempting to produce would be wrecked and we would have to restart the whole process again.

The molds have to be waxed several times, we waxed the molds 5 times with a carnauba based mold release wax, specific for this application.

Then after that we waited enough time for the polymers to fully set-up, once that was done we applied 3 coats of a release agent to the mold, an added layer to ensure we will be able to release the part from the mold once it is cured.

After waiting the appropriate amount of time, three coats of white unwaxed gelcoat was sprayed on the mold.

White gelcoat sprayed on the mold

We the left it to cure overnight. If the gelcoat is not fully cured you risk to have what is called alligatoring in the gelcoat.

Before you start building the part make sure you have all the appropriate tools, and solvents for cleanup handy.

Tools, products, solvents and protective gear necessary

The next day, we started laying down the fiberglass. We first started by laying down a thin woven fiberglass cloth. This helps in making sure that the fiberglass reaches all the corners so no air bubbles get trapped between the gelcoat and the fiberglass. These air bubbles will make the gelcoat on the surface of the part brittle and easy to crack.

Layer of thin woven fiberglass cloth

And then we further layered it with three more fiberglass matting layers.

Fiberglas layering

Now we have to let it cure at least 24 hours maybe more depending on weather.

All fiberglass layed down waiting to cure

After more than 24 hours we extracted the parts from the mold. Here is what they look like:

All there is left to do is to trim them, and they will be ready for paint, we are really happy with the quarter panels they are flawless, we could almost paint them straight from the mold.

To view more photos and videos about this project visit the project page "Nissan 240SX Origin Lab S15 Body Kit Modification Project" on our website.



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