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Brody's 240SX Formula Drift race car will truly be a unique, one of kind Masterpiece

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

You don't have to stick with a run of the mill bodykit, with some imagination, efforts and some modifications you can create a unique look, something out of the ordinary. That is exactly what we are doing with this project. We will be using parts of a "Rocket Bunny" body kit, the trunk spoiler, and quarter panels. A modified oem S15 rear bumper. And new to this project from Origin Lab we will be using the Racing Line Silvia S14 side skirts, Racing Line Silvia S15 fenders, and front bumper with lower splitter. The result will be amazing!

In order to get a consistent look some modifications will have to be done to the quarter panels to match the styling of the Origin Lab Fenders. Notice how the fender is flared.

The quarter panels from the Rocket Bunny kit are flared differently, notice the difference?

We will need to create a smooth sloping flare on the quarter panel to match the styling of the fender, how can this be done?

First we need to remove the edge or step at the beginning of the flare. This is done by grinding out as much of the step as possible while being careful not to compromise the integrity of the panel

Then the remaining gap has to be filled, this can be done with some Evercoat Kitty Hair.

This does a pretty rough job, so it should be smoothed out with some high quality filler.

At this point there is still lots of sanding left to be done, to make it really smooth and sloping just like the fender. There is still one modification that needs to be done to match the styles perfectly. Can you spot what it is?

Look at this picture to figure it out.

Come back to see the other modification needed to match style. Leave a comment, tell us what you think.

More to come tomorrow!

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