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  • Sylvain Raymond

1976 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce restoration project

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Back in December of 2018 we started the restoration of a 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 2000.

This car had the same owner since 1991 who had done a complete rolling mechanical restoration over the last 5 years leaving the body until now.

A really nice car, we see a lot more of the American muscle cars here, so it is a welcome change to work on a European model.

At our first examination the car looked in a somewhat decent shape, some rust could be noticed at the usual spots, Spiders tend to rust around the rocker panels, and the floorpans. This west coast car was Ziebart protected when new so the fender arches, doors, hood and trunk lid were intact, however surface looks can be deceiving.

As you can notice in the pictures between 1974 and 1976, the original stainless-steel bumpers were discontinued in North America and replaced with black, rubber-clad units. These heavy rear bumpers are prone to severe internal rust, are not repairable and are no longer available.

Rear bumper damaged by internal rust (circled in red)

We will be replacing these with the more aesthetically pleasing original stainless steel bumpers.

(Note: picture comes from Classic Alfa)

Stay tuned to see how that will be done.

The first thing to do is to dismantle the car so we can more clearly identify the areas that will need rust removal

Bacbumper removed
Back bumper removed

As you can see in the picture above this car has been repainted with greener looking blue than the original blue, you can tell by the fact that the car was painted without removing the back bumper, not the best way to do a proper paint job.

Notice the indent in the quarter panel, in a later post we will see that a threaded stud will have to be welded into that spot as that is an anchor point for the stainless steel bumpers

On closer examination of the quarter panel the bottom of the quarter panel is quite rusted we will cut out the external panel so we can weld in some new metal.

Quarter external panel cut out
Quarter external cut out

Here are the new panels (Note: pictures come from Classic Alfa)

Please come back soon as we continue examining the right side (passenger) of the car for more rust.

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