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1969 Camaro restoration project - Z/28 painted stripes

As promised in the last blog: 1969 Camaro restoration project - prep for overall paint and more clear coat, here is the update on the #paintedstripes.

A #stencil set from Classic Industries was used to insure the #stripes are painted in the correct, original configuration. There are no tape-on stripes included with this set as the factory stripes were originally painted onto the car, not tape-applied.

The first stencil that should be placed, is the one that goes on the cowl, as you can then use it as a reference for the placement of the stripe tape on the hood

Once the stencil is applied to the cowl, place it behind the hood exactly in the position it's final position, as shown in the following picture

Final position of the cowl

This can then be used as reference for the stripe tape on the hood.

Next position the header stencil on the header panel, then lay down the stripe tape on the hood, lining them up between the cowl panel stencil, and the header panel stencil.

A stencil is also provided for deck panel to help with the alignment of the stripe tape on the trunk lid.

You need to find the center of the trunk place a marker and position the deck panel stencil and place the stencil 7 inch and 13/16 each side of the center mark, that can then be used to position the stripe tape on the trunk.

Here is what it should look like when all the stripe tapes and stencils are layed down.

The next step is to mask everything off in preparation for the paint, the correct color in our case is "Dover white" GM code 50.

Then spray the paint, at least 3 coats to ensure complete coverage.

Let the paint cure fully, and remove the masking, the stencils and the stripe tape very carefully, peeling the tape back at a 180 degree angle. Like so:

Peeling back the tape at a 180 degree angle

Once all the stencils and the stripe tape is removed, this is what it should look like.

The next step is to bury the stripes under clear coat.

Come back to see how that goes

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