• Sylvain Raymond

1969 Camaro restoration project - prep for overall paint and more clear coat

The car has been fully assembled, as you can see in the post: 1969 Camaro restoration project - more panels are painted.

Since the car has been painted in separate parts, the color many times will not match between panels, there is no other way to do it as you cannot thoroughly paint the panels inside out while they are assembled. So the next step is to wet sand the car all over and spray more color overall to make sure there is color match between the panels.

So at least 2 more coats of color will be sprayed. Since this car will have white rallye stripes, this is also the best time to spray the stripes as we can then cover everything with 3 generous coats of clear coat.

Stripes will be painted color code 50 "Dover White" the correct color code for the white stripes.

The best way to go about laying out the stripes to the correct location is to purchase a stencil kit. The kit comes with the instruction on specific location for the stripes.

We are now ready to lay down the stencil.

Come back tomorrow, i should have more pictures about how its done, and hopefully the completed stripes.

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