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  • Sylvain Raymond

1969 Camaro Restoration Project - Panel Alignment

It is crucial that the panel alignment is just right at this point in the project. This is the time to cut out or weld in metal, make sure your hinges are solid. This step takes lots of patience and fussing about every little detail, we need to be FINICKY about it.

First we updated all the hinges with new hardware.

A little trick to make sure you reinstall the hinges in same spot as before is to use tape to mark their positioning on the door, it saves lots of time

After many hours (read a few days) of fussing, it is starting to look good, more tweaking needs to be done but we are getting there.

The panels have been aligned, the next step is to make the gaps perfectly straight. Some metal will have to be grinded out and some metal will have to be welded in in other spots, Come back to see what that will look like.

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