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1969 Camaro Restoration Project, more progress made

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

In the last post we finished welding in the center trunk panel.

The bottom of the trunk drops and some parts of the inner fender had some rust and perforation so we decided to cut the rust out and patch it with some new metal.

We tried to imitate as closely as possible the patterns in the existing trunk drops. What do you think?

We then we sprayed the undercarriage with undercoating. Looks good!

We also had to make a repair on the passenger side Rocker panel.

Now onto finishing the car interior.

We scrapped off the roof insulation, as some surface rust had formed underneath it. We grinded out the rust and then applied some POR15 on it to help prevent rust.

Then we prepped and cleaned up the car interior.

Once that was done we sealed all the seams and applied a nice smooth coat of undercoating.

The trick to apply undercoating smoothly, is to use a spray gun with a 2.5mm nozzle at a fairly high air pressure. Don't forget to wear a mask and protective gear if you do that.

Now onto the trunk. We cleaned up, sealed the seams and prepped the trunk, in preparation of applying the spatter paint.

The correct spater color for a 1969 Camaro trunk is Black & Aqua, in order to get a nice uniform look it is recommended to use a black primer.

Last step is to apply the spatter in smooth even strokes. Check out the result.

Soon the car will be back on its wheels to start the next phase of the project.

Come back to see more progress on this project

Visit the Project Page 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Restoration Project for more.

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