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  • Sylvain Raymond

1969 Camaro Restoration project - More panel adjustments during the blocking process

The fit of the quarter panels to the tail panel are not the best, some adjustment is necessary

Once the adjustment is done, the gap is properly sealed with some seam sealer.

Grille fitment is also verified.

Door and and trunk lid panels are also verified for fitment with the felts installed do double check proper alignment one last time.

Once we are happy with all fitment and blocking is completed, the car is primed again with a high build primer and blocked down again with a higher grit paper, ensuring that the panels are perfectly straight.

Then the car is primed again with a surfacer primer, and wet sanded with a high grit paper to ensure perfect smoothness

At this point the car is ready to be painted.

Please come back to see more progress on this project

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