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  • Sylvain Raymond

1969 Camaro restoration project - Glossy final clear coat application

In the last blog about this project we painted the Z/28 stripes: 1969 Camaro restoration project - Z/28 painted stripes. The next step was to cover them with some clear coat so we can wet sand it to erase the edges of the stripes making them smooth and seamless.

We applied three coats of #clearcoat for a total of five coats of clear so far.

Check out the result

Z/28 stripes on Camaro 69 hood

Z/28 stripes on Camaro 69 trunk

#Tip: Why did we mask the drip rail? Since there is going to be a chrome molding installed on it there is no point putting too much material on it. It would only make it more difficult to install the molding.

Here are more photos. Enjoy!

The next step and the final one, is to wet sand to perfect smoothness then buff and polish.

Stay tuned, delivery of this project is in a few days!

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