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Cowl hood 302 emblem placement - 1969 Camaro restoration project

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Where exactly is the 302 cowl hood placed, and how to figure out where the holes should be drilled.

Cowl hood 302 Emblem

So where exactly should it be placed? From the back of the hood at the base of the cowl the emblem should be at 7 1/2 inches to the edge of the 2 on driver side and the edge of the 3 on passenger side.

Tape placed to mark 7 1/2 inches from the back of the hood

Another indication, to make sure you are in the right spot, is to check under the hood you should be lining up with the openings under the hood to allow screwing the nuts on the studs.

Openings under the hood

This is what the final positioning of the emblem should be (driver side).

Final positioning of the 302 emblem on cowl hood

But how do you determine where to drill the holes?

First find the center between the top and bottom of the cowl. The cowl is three inches, so the center should be 1 1/2 inch. Place two strips of tape in way that where the tapes meet it marks the center like so:

Then use a little bit of paint to dab at the end of the studs and press against the tape being careful that you are centered on the tape both from front to back and top to bottom.

Should look like this:

Marking drill holes for 302 emblem

Next drill the holes with a 3/16 drill bit. There is still one more hole to drill for a smaller shorter stud behind the emblem. Dab some paint on the stud and insert the emblem in the previously drilled holes marking at the same time the location of the third hole. Drill this hole with a 1/8 drill bit. This is what it should look like when done.

Final location of the drill holes for the 302 emblem

Repeat the same steps on the other side, and then install the emblems securing them with the nuts in under hood openings.

There you have it!

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