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  • Sylvain Raymond

1969 Camaro Restoration Project - Bringing the car to bare metal

To ensure the paint job will last, it is necessary to start from scratch, so on this project we are bringing everything down to bare metal as you can see in the pictures.

A combination of chemical and mechanical paint removal was used, and some media blasting.

Removing paint on car door
Combination of chemical and mechanical paint removal

One of the advantages of removing all paints and bondo is the possibility to closely inspect the metal to determine if any repairs need to be done, like removing rust.

For example, the left door (driver side) had some rust that needed to be removed

rust removal on car door
Identifying rust to be removed

Check out the process in the following photo gallery

The paint on every panel is removed inside and outside, as you can see in the next photo gallery

Stay tuned for more progress on this project.

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