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Frame-up Restorations

What is a frame-up restoration?

A frame-up restoration is when restoration occurs only on the body of the car, everything that sits on or above the frame or chassis. The car is not removed from the frame or chassis and typically the underside of the car is not touched. Usually this option is chosen when the car is already in fair condition, or when you just want to improve your summer driver and show it off more. This type of restoration can also be called a Partial restoration. Partial restorations or frame-up restorations can just be cosmetic, like to refresh the paint Job, or even a change of color with minimal body work. Partial restorations or frame-up restorations can also be much more involved as far as bodywork goes, for example some body panels can be replaced to remove rust, or even modifications can be done to body. Whatever the case may be frame-up restorations are lower in cost.

This 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Convertible is an example of a frame-up or partial restoration, as you can see the repairs are quite extensive, but the car body was not removed from the frame or chassis, it was possible to replace the panels that needed replacement without removing the body from the frame

frame-up restoration or partial restoration
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