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Custom Fabrication

If you have something special you want done to your prized possession or you have an idea out of the ordinary we can help you with that. Just explain to us what it is you want done and we can fabricate it for you. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So here is one example of a fabrication we made:

El Caminos have behind the cab what is called a smuggler's box. Originally it is bolted down and is just part of the truck bed. But we thought that is a waste of space, so why not use it to transport stuff or hide some valuables.

So we fabricated an automated cover that is remote controlled, so it can be opened and shut easily. We think it was great idea. What do you think?

El Camino smuggler's box cover
El Camino Smuggler's box with Piano Hinge
El Camino Smuggler's Box Cover
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