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Bodywork done right is the most important stage of an awesome looking paint job, if it is not done right the final product will just not look right.

Maybe you heard the expression: Putting lipstick on a pig doesn't make it a star, it is still a pig!


So whatever is under the paint job is what makes the quality of a great restoration.

Here is what we do:

  • The car is disassembled, parts are inspected, labeled and stored

  • This is when we can identify early on in the process any issues that need to be addressed before we move on. We will always keep you informed of anything we find

  • In order to correctly assess the state of the body, we carefully remove the paint and old bodywork, this can be done in variety of ways or a combination of these

    • Chemical paint removal​, such as paint striper

    • Mechanical paint removal, this could be as simple as sanding and scraping

    • Media Blasting, is used with caution as to not warp or damage the body​

1934 Ford Coupe rear
1934 Ford Coupe Paint removed
  • Rust is removed, the very best way to this is ... well ... to remove it, cut it out

    • This will sometimes require changing a complete body panel​

  • Dents are repaired, at this this step we try to get the metal as straight as possible, this will help use less body filler later on

  • Then the car is ready to be etch primed to protect the bare steel

  • Then all panels are test fitted and adjusted until all body gaps between panels are perfect, even better than original

  • Then the car is primed with a high build primer

1934 Ford coupe etch primer applied
1934 Ford Coupe Rear high build primer applied
  • This is when the blocking process starts

    • The purpose of this step is to bring all the panels to be as straight as a die​

  • High quality body fillers are used to fill the low spots​

  • If needed high build primer is re-applied and blocked again until perfect straightness is achieved

  • Then all this work is sealed in with a high quality surface primer which will be sanded with a high grit sandpaper

  • We are now ready to put the icing on the cake, the Paint Job

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